Evolution Slot

The all new slot from Net Entertainment will be landing in online casinos near you soon! The Evolution slot promises to be something different to the other slots with the game taking you to a whole new galaxy. Let’s start off with the theme of this slot, the name of the game is Evolution and as you would expect that is where the inspiration for the game comes.

The world is evolving and so are the slots we like to play it seems. Evolution is growth and development and also survival of the fittest in the case of the human race and nature – the same goes for this all new slot machine. This game is different to what is already available to play so is definitely worthy of a few spins!

What does Evolution slot have to offer?

This all new slot from NetEnt has so much to offer, first up the out of this world graphics! Evolution slot has flawless graphics with symbols that twist and turn into whole new symbols in the blink of an eye. Apart from that the whole game gives the effect of being underwater or so far into the galaxy that the symbols and atmosphere are just all over the place.

Evolution slot really does make you feel like you are in a whole new world when you are playing it. However it is not only symbols and reels that have evolved into the best graphics around, but also the background images are sharp and full of colour a real pleasure to play and see. The sound effects are also spot on in the choice that NetEnt have made to transport the players into the whole Evolution out of this world experience. Every time a mechanism evolves into something new the loud ping is a mini celebration every time.

Whilst playing Evolution I personally can’t help but bring to mind the movie Avatar, with the bright colours and revolutionary feel to this slot; based on a whole new planet with its vivid colours and imagery this could almost be a taste of the future and what is to come! I do know that after seeing Evolution I really can’t wait to see where NetEnt take us next!

Free Spins in Evolution slot

As with all well known and loved slots, Evolution has the free spin round integrated in the game. But this evolutionary free spins round has a twist to it as you don’t play the spins in the same world as the main game but are transported to another equally beautiful world of excellent graphics and imagery. To enter the free spins mode you will need to get three or more free spin symbols in any one bet line. The screen will then slowly start to move upwards with a sound effect that excites and entices, once you have arrived in the lush green world of the free spins the round will start. For three free spin symbols in Evolution slot you will receive 10 free spins to play, it is possible to win even more free spins during this time allowing you to stay in this amazing world even longer and making even bigger win combinations! This is where you will first be introduced to another unique feature of this game – The Evolution feature.

What is the Evolution feature?

During the free spins in the Evolution slot you will first be acquainted with the brand new Evolution feature, this feature simply evolves the lower paying symbols into higher paying symbols giving you bigger wins every time you spin. So for every time you get a winning bet line in Evolution slot free spins the lowest valued symbols will transform into higher symbols giving you an extra chance to make bet line wins. Another super feature of this slot is that the free spins come in abundance and more often meaning that the evolution feature is brought into play much more than other features on previous NetEnt slots.

The payout rate for the free spins with the evolution feature is much higher than other video slots making sure this game is going to be massive! Once the free spins round is up in Evolution you are thrown back down to the previous world with a thud from the meteor and all your profits are added to your balance.

Evolution slot has 25 fixed bet lines over 5 reels and 3 rows, the coin value goes up to 50c and the highest cost per spin is 125 euros a go. With a chance to win up to 44000 coins in any one spin, definitely not something to be sniffed at! NetEnt of course didn’t forget to add the wild symbols to this all new Evolution slot, so wild symbols are all part and parcel of the great package that will be sure to have everyone in a spin to try it out! Once again Net Entertainment have not failed to supply a great looking, sounding and all round fun to play video slot. Watch out for Evolution at your favourite online casino soon!