Where to Play?

Now that we have checked out the latest video slot Evolution from NetEnt, the next step is to find where we can play this game as soon as possible. Choosing a casino to play your favorite games on can be difficult as we are all looking for something different, what floats your boat may do absolutely nothing for me. So the best thing to do is to look around, especially if you are new to online gambling or even if you are an old timer just hunting about to find a fresh new online casino to reap that offer the best deals with the latest casino games first.

Firstly I think we can all agree that NetEnt never fail us so you need to make sure that the online casinos you are looking for are in fact using the Net Entertainment software and are eligible to get the latest releases as soon as they can get their hands on them. Secondly you will want a good sign up bonus or even free spins on the slot of your choice, for example a few free spins at the brand new Evolution slot wouldn’t go a miss to get yourself familiar with what the latest brainchild of NetEnt is all about.

Here below is a list of reputable online casinos that are powered by Net Entertainment:

Unibet Casino

Unibet Casino is a well-known and established online casino that operates in Europe and can be translated into 17 different languages. It offers two casino choices – Casino Red and Casino Black. Casino Red is what interests us for the NetEnt section of the online casino; in the casino red section you can find all the latest netent slots, including Evolution slot and even some that have been especially designed for Unibet Casino only such as Dallas slot! Unibet is based in Malta and operates under a full LGA license for all of Europe and the Baltics. There are many ways to pay to play your favorite slot such as Evolution or Scarface when playing on Unibet casino red and you can set your mind at rest that you have customer care agents at your disposal in your chosen language almost 24 hours a day.

Come on Casino

Another online casino that prides itself with its collection of games from NetEnt is Come On Casino, also based in Malta and holding a full LGA license. This is an online casino with a totally different approach to online gambling it’s fun and down to earth and has all the latest in netent slots including the brand new and exciting Evolution slot. Come On casino offers 100% welcome bonuses and free spins on certain games at certain times. It has 9 different language translations with a customer care department that cannot be faulted.  Yet again only the best casinos are supported by NetEnt.